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Sunita Menon
Sunita Menon

Sunita Menon is an economics writer with Business Day and also writes for Financial Mail at Tiso Blackstar Group formerly known as Times Media. This is a link to some of her stories.



Why economists expect a steady repo rate for 2018

Business Day - 1 month ago
Never mind Thursday's interest-rates decision, economists say the South African Reserve Bank will not be cutting the repo rate again in 2018. That is because the inflation rate is edging up after...

ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: Economists will keep eye on consumer price inflation data

Business Day - 10 months ago
The consumer price index (CPI) is the one to watch in a week in which the state of the consumer will come into focus. Economists will look out for whether inflation will continue to ease and dip...

Mining production falls much further than expected, in bad sign for GDP

Business Day - 2 months ago
SA's mining production fell 8.4% in March from the same month in 2017, far more than a 2.6% drop forecast by a poll of economists done by Trading Economics. In addition to March's drop,...

Inflation dip 'no signal for rate cut'

Business Day - 2 months ago
Although the latest inflation figure is lower than was expected, indicating that consumers have had more spending power, analysts say another interest rate cut is unlikely. Inflation fell to a...

The root of the school placement problem

Financial Mail - 5 months ago
As schoolchildren around the country dusted off their school shoes, packed their school bags and tucked in their crisp new shirts, there were many who were left in limbo, without having a school to...

Reserve Bank criticised for split votes

Business Day - 3 months ago
The Reserve Bank has taken flak for split votes at the most recent meeting of its monetary policy committee (MPC), with concern being voiced that this sends out "confusing signals". In...

Unicef SA reports a third of children under eight get child-support grants

Business Day - 7 months ago
A third of children under the age of eight receive a child-support grant but there needs to be a focus on family-strengthening interventions, according to the Family Contexts, Child-Support Grants...

State must revitalise manufacturing to ensure growth, says ISS

Business Day - 1 month ago
SA's potential for growth hinges on the government revitalising the manufacturing sector, according to a report from the Institute for Security Studies. The sector has largely been volatile and...

Fitch expects slight rise in GDP growth, but warns it may not be enough

Business Day - 4 months ago
Credit rating agency Fitch Ratings expects SA's growth to improve slightly on the back of favourable investor and business sentiment but warned that it was still too low. Fitch senior director of...

The poor do not live on zero-rated foods alone

Business Day - 4 months ago
The poor do not live on bread and pap alone, South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande reminds everyone. In line with expectations from tax analysts and economists, former...

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