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67 Minutes

07/07/2011 SunZ 0

The month of July marks the birthday of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, affectionately known as Madiba to most of us, the indisputable father of our nation. […]

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Here comes some Bad Juju

08/04/2011 SunZ 0

With the upcoming elections, South Africans are faced with the tough choice of who to vote for. The popular parties of course being the DA […]

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Political correctness for WHO?

08/02/2011 SunZ 0

Spud – homegrown talent, local wit, South African history and apparently a large dose of political incorrectness. Constitutional Court Judge Edwin Cameron has slandered the […]

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And 2010 is offside

15/12/2009 SunZ 0

The count down to 2010 has begun and in an effort to be culturally and traditionally inclusive, FIFA has decided to slaughter animals in each […]