Shall ‘wee’ forgive?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was founded in 1995 in the spirit of forgivness. People accused of crimes of Apartheid were granted amnesty as they confessed their horrendous doings.

This year, Jonathan Jansen granted amnesty to the Reitz four for their inexcusable behaviour. In an ideal world, this racism would have no place but in South Africa 2009 we are still dealing with our united identity. South Africa proudly showed its spirit of forgiveness as over a thousand people were granted amnesty and compensation was provided for the families. South Africans are suddenly outraged that Jansen has adopted the spirit that the TRC once promoted, possibly because it doesn’t have the Desmond Tutu stamp or the governments aproval. In fact, Julius Malema suddenly found it in him to promote Jansen’s objectives once it was clear that Jansen was not a white imperialist, hell-bent on doing away with the blacks.

I’m not so sure I understand this whole policy of granting amnesty, my humanity craves for the families of the victims to see a little justice rather than facing a mere apology, it hardly feels fair. But in the spirit of this new, so called forgiving South Africa perhaps Jonathan Jansen is trying to abide by the true essence of the TRC. Although people being forgiven for urinating on black workers does not seem all too right to me, but perhaps I never really did agree with the TRC.. Do any of us really?