Who’s Obamulating for Obama?

I stood there at the beginning of the year convincing everyone that Obama was going to become president, the shift in paradigm that the world was experiencing was a profound  one. This country that once had racism seeping through every crevice with Segregation laws, where blacks were “separate but equal” suddenly embraced the change, the clichéd change that Obama preached. When the results were announced I watched Obama make his way to the podium and begin his speech , promising peace and hope for the country previously  left in the hands of a Neanderthal. The world looks to America, although one will never admit it, as the epitome of the 21st century, the place which festers globalization and induces it into all societies. Obama, a glimmer of hope in this doomed world is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, barely having accomplished any of his promises of change.

What has Obama done to deserve one of the highest honours around?  He’s no Martin Luther King as yet, he isn’t leading peaceful marches in the name of the Civil Rights Movement. He’s no Nelson Mandela, he’s yet to pave the way  for democracy in a country plagued by Apartheid. He’s not even an F.W. De Klerk yet, who although a Nationalist Party hypocrite, still managed to negotiate a cease fire with the ANC. Obama received  the prize for “his efforts to strengthen cooperation between peoples to meet global challenges”  yet there are still troops in Iraq and he’s deliberating as to whether more troops  should be sent to Afghanistan. Surely the Nobel Peace Prize needs to be awarded to those who have already made a move towards a peaceful world, an act done by an individual that will change this world that is so intent on blowing each other up. Racism and segregation has had such  an effect  that people have become to scared to offend the ones who were once oppressed. Why do I have a feeling that Obama being the first American black president  is the justification for this prize, rather than his peace attempts.

I support Obama completely, I even own the t-shirt, but its time people realize that being a black president with a Muslim name in a Western country does not earn you a Nobel Peace Prize. Obama has yet to earn his keep, his promises fill the world at large with hope and his accomplishments spark a tinge of pride in his supporters but has he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize? No, not just yet.. Perhaps he will one day, when he joins the ranks of the Nelson Mandelas, the Martin Luther Kings, the Desmond Tutus or maybe even the F.W. De Klerks.


  1. I completely agree with your view Sunita, Obama seems to have been given the Nobel peace prize based on his promises rather than his actions, it would seem that the world has become inspired by the “obama-nation’s” ideals and plans , whilst choosing to ignore the cold hard facts in regards to his not only his non commital to peace but to his lack of change in America and the world. I also thought he might be the change that the global community needed but his actions (specifically the bail out of corporate banks in America(Protectionalism)) have put a damper on my hopes. I thank you for your honest and thought provoking opinion.

  2. This is a wonderful and well-written piece. I agree completely with your sentiments. And what scares me is that he is being set up to fail; that is the terrible trap of this kind of beatification. Besides, he has come out against the Goldstone report on the Gaza attacks and that is just so disappointingly familiar.

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